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“Edie Ousley is a consummate professional, brilliant communicator, and a valued member of any team. Edie is a veteran of the legislative and political processes and has decades-long relationships with members of the press, industry leaders and key Tallahassee insiders.”

Founding Partner of Consensus Communications and
Expert on Florida Ballot Initiatives

“During my tenure as President of the Florida Senate, I turned to Edie Ousley to lead my communications efforts. Her ability to convey public policy issues in Florida’s diverse political landscape is second to none.”

Former Lt. Governor of Florida
Former President of the Florida Senate

“Edie Ousley is an A-game communicator. Her ability to target the right audience with the right message has led to countless public policy victories, strengthened brands and advanced causes across Florida.”

Executive Vice President, Florida TaxWatch

“Edie is one of the hardest-working, most multi-tasking PR pros in the capital city. With her rich background in politics and media relations, she runs a communications shop that churns out a seemingly endless stream of messaging and content on issues running the gamut.”


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