Edie Ousley

President, Yellow Finch Strategies

Top Florida communications pro Edie Ousley serves as president of Yellow Finch Strategies. Ousley has 20 years of professional experiencing advising Florida’s largest job creators, trade associations and top statewide elected officials on strategic communications, media relations and public affairs. From serving as spokesperson for elected officials, including Governor Lawton Chiles and Senate President Toni Jennings, to leading earned media for successful ballot initiatives, and serving as the top strategic public affairs professional leading Florida’s largest pro-business trade association, Ousley has a proven track record of delivering results.

Her ability to communicate with Florida’s Capitol Press Corps, as well as state and national media, is a winning strategy that has been recognized for its success. Her network of influencers has helped secure victories on some of the toughest issue campaigns in Florida’s history, and is why organizations turn to her.

Ousley has helped lead strategic communications for numerous statewide issue management campaigns, including those focused on improving educational opportunities, commercial insurance, legal reform, regulation, taxes, environmental stewardship, Florida’s Constitution, Florida’s quality of life, and more.

Ousley is a native of Arkansas, and a graduate of the University of Arkansas with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications. She has lived in Tallahassee since 1992, and considers Florida her adopted home state.

Yellow Finch Strategies Provides:
  • Strategic Communications
  • Media Relations
  • Coalition Building
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